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Sam Dental, aiming to produce educational and specialized material about dentistry, began its activities in 2018. With the help of the best Iranian experts, this company has been trying to make the most identical models and provide the best of services.
Member of Iran-Germany Chamber of Commerce and Industries

10 درصد تخفیف

This company tries to gain the trust of its clients. Therefore, all of its products come with a one-year warranty and post-sale services.

All of the requirements and conditions for the warranties are explained separately in each product's explanation card.

In case you need more information, you can contact the company's phone numbers and address the issue or share your comments with us so that our support team could help you.

We announce proudly that the company is able to produce models for thesis statements or professors' ideas using either mass or limited production.

Reasons why Sam Dental is different from other companies:

Easy purchase over the phone or on WhatsApp Products that have been made based on the global standards of quality
Fast delivery Fixed prices
High quality and low prices Scientific trust
Post-sale services Returning the products easily if needed
Product replacements Easy practice
Being able to choose projects and start a partnership Making thesis models for students with the lowest of prices

Step-by-step experiments during the designing and producing process, using the most advanced 3D devices

All of the company's products are made with the help of Iran's best experts which elevates their scientific levels.

3D designs and using data from medical imaging, has led the company to make the best and most natural and realistic models for practice and educational purposes.

Step-by-step experiments during the designing and producing process, using the most advanced 3D printers, has improved the accuracy in measuring the products and has upgraded their quality level.

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